Our Kryon Virtual Summit was an unqualified success! We had over 5,000 participants and they stayed with us through the entire 4 ½ hour meeting.” We have been flooded with compliments from customers, partners, and investors, telling us your segments were the best part of the event.”
Julie Shafiki, Chief Marketing Officer

Kryon Virtual Summit

Magnet – Rethinking Online Marketing

Richard Laible – Trade Show Presenter

Robert Strong – Trade Show Magician

David Kovac – Trade Show Presenter

Calvin Kai Ku – Professional Trade Show Magician

Dennis Kyriakos – Trade Show Magician

Trade Show 21

Magnet Productions – “Lenovo Case Study” with Robert Strong

Anders Boulanger doing a magical trade show presentation at Tech Ed 2013

Magnet’s presenter Andy Saks delivering a trade show presentation for AMD at the Siggraph Trade Show.

Magnet Productions’ client at RSA (Cyberoam) had a very specific goal. They wanted a magician to work the corner of the booth. The objective was to simply gather a crowd and direct them to the theatre area. There, a professional presenter would deliver a five minute presentation detailing Cyberoam’s offerings to the RSA attendees.

This video demonstrates how effectively this worked. Our client got a record number of qualified leads and had many meaningful engagements with their target customers.

This is a segment of a presentation done by Trade Show Presenter, Ken Newman for Think Ink at The Direct Marketing Association Show in Chicago in 2013

Jennifer Canale, Trade Show Presenter for Magnet Productions: Selected Clip

Trade Show Magician, Ken Newman doing a trade show presentation at The Consumer Electronics Show for HCL. The theme here was EDGE: Engineering The Digital Experience. Ken used a variety of illusions with an ‘edge’ theme to help communicate HCL’s story.

A compilation of clips from the Vicon “Phone It In” Game show as presented by Magnet Productions at ISC West 2011

Robert Strong does a trade show presentation incorporating magic for HP at VMWorld.

Trade Show Presenter / Juggler / Escape Artist, Scotty Meltzer delivers a presentation for ALI, while escaping from a straitjacket and riding a 7 foot unicycle.

These are excepts from a 90 minute training program presented by Andy Saks of Spark Presentations and Ken Newman of Magnet Productions. This was held the evening before the start of a large medical trade show. The intention was to give booth staffers real tools and strategies to help make them much more effective on the trade show floor.

This is a selection of trade show presentation clips featuring trade show presenter, Ken Newman, Andy Saks, Robert Strong, Jennifer Canale, Tim Kelly, Anders Boulanger, and others.

This is a live trade show presentation by Magnet Productions for Evoke Communications. Two presenters adopted ‘mob guy’ personas to tell our client’s story in a very ‘no nonsense’ manner.

This is a short clip of Trade Show Presenter, Ken Newman doing a 3 card monte routine at ISTE 2014 with an audience member. It displays how this illusion can be used to deliver a great deal of information.

A selection of clips and customer testimonials from VMWorld 2015 in San Francisco, CA. Magnet Productions had seven clients at the show: Viavi, Citrix, Tegile, Springpath, Arkin, QualiSystems, Infoblox, and Unitrends. Magnet provided a variety of presenters, magician, and booth staff support personnel including, Ken Newman, Robert Strong, Chad Long, Martin Ganapoler, Philip Ongert, Jennifer Canale, Rey Sanchez, Manya Landers, Tamara Barton, Veronica Parks, Jill With, Waltriessa de Leon, Sara Konecky, Calvin Kai Ku, Rowan Alexander and Radna Wilson, Video shot and edited by Dan Pavlik.

This is a sampling of live trade show presentations at VMWorld ’15. All presentations were produced by Magnet Productions. They feature, Jennifer Canale, Martin Ganapoler, Ken Newman, Chad Long, Robert Strong, Andy Saks and Philip Ongert.

This video features live trade show presentations by the Magnet Productions team at the RSA and Cisco Live 2016 trade shows. In addition, there are testimonials by our clients, A10 Networks, Verizon, Cyphort, Bitdefender and Bromium…

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