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How do you measure the success of a trade show?

Ken Newman trade show presenter

  • A trade show presentation that fills your booth with potential customers?
  • Every attendee remembering YOUR company’s name and YOUR key messages?
  • Hundreds or even Thousands of Qualified Leads?

If these are your metrics, then you’re in the right place: Ken Newman and his team of Professional Trade Show Presenters at MAGNET PRODUCTIONS will deliver all of that and more.  

In our thirty plus years in business, we’ve learned a lot about trade show marketing

Need a trade show presentation with your message communicated in an entertaining and memorable way?  We can do that.

Need your new product demonstrated? No problem.

Need crowd gatherers, booth receptionists, booth support staff, or would you just like to brainstorm some interesting trade show ideas?  Call us.

Or maybe you want to create a huge buzz in your booth!  Literally pack the aisles with prospects.  If so, we can deliver your message using customized trade show magic, delivered by one of our Professional Trade Show Magicians.  Or put our Trade Show Presenter on a six foot unicycle and have him escape from a straitjacket, while delivering a detailed, content-rich trade show presentation.  (We’re not kidding.  We’ve got pictures!)

Regardless of how you want us to tell your story, our shows are always about YOU.

Your Company. Your Solutions. Your Message.

We’ve made a lot of our clients very happy over the past 25 years. Here’s what some of them have to say:

“We’ve used Ken Newman and his team of professional trade show presenters at over 35 trade shows in the last three years. We consistently get huge crowds and thousands of leads, but just as important, our story gets told … and remembered.”

With just a simple eight minute trade show presentation and a Powerpoint Deck, Magnet’s Trade Show Presenter was able to keep our booth packed for three straight days. And this was at a show that wasn’t even well attended.  When we need Trade Show ideas, we call Magnet Productions.  They are a key part of our trade show marketing strategy.”

Magnet Productions developed a trade show presentation for us that communicated our message more clearly than we’ve ever been able to before.  In fact, we now use it as part of our standard sales pitch.  “


We have professional trade show presenters and magicians local to San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, New York, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Orlando, Atlanta, San Diego, Dallas, Houston, as well as many European cities.

Please call us today at (415) 333-0765 and let Magnet Productions help you with YOUR trade show marketing.

Watch the video below to see how trade show presenter, Ken Newman and the team at Magnet Productions will generate more booth traffic and get you more qualified leads than you’ve ever had before.

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